18 November 2008

Finally, a hat he likes

Jared has been begging me to make him a hat for, oh, two years. A couple of years ago I made him and his brothers matching hats (same pattern, different yarns) for Christmas. Unfortunately, it didn't really fit him and certainly didn't fit his specifications of being warm enough and long enough (both of which are totally fair specifications when it comes to Minnesota winters). I finally got around to searching for a pattern and found this one, which was approved. Jared insisted on having a plain black hat, so I insisted on having an interesting pattern to knit. And it all worked out.

He also wanted the hat to be fleece lined so I had to knit this one larger than the pattern called for (I actually had to make it twice since it wasn't quite big enough the first time). Lining knitted hats with fleece is always harder then I think it's going to be, especially since the hat stretches and the fleece doesn't really. But I managed and I got the two thumbs up. And just in time too, since it's gotten quite cold here in the last few days!

On an unrelated note, Martha is hosting s t i l l: b o d y week this week and I'm doing my best to participate. I'll share some of my favorites later in the week, there are already some really great ones up. Be sure to check out the flickr group, or just join in yourself, everyone's welcome! I always love having a photo challenge like that, just to give myself a little bit of focus when picking up the camera.

Pattern: Lucky7 Hat by weezalana
Yarn: Nashua Handknits Creative Focus worsted weight, black
Needles: Size 7 circular and double pointed needles, cable needle
Modifications: I didn't do the brim, but I did make the ribbing at the bottom 15 rows, just to make it a bit longer. I also added two extra cables (casting on 108 sts instead of 84) and added an extra 7 rows in the "noggin" section (so the crown row starts at row 52) to make the hat big enough to accommodate the fleece lining.


  1. Julia, this turned out beautifully.
    Ken keeps wanting me to make him a hat as well. He is super picky though, and has a HUGE head, so I'm always hesitant as I don't want all that knitting (and knitting) to go to waste:)
    I bet he would like this pattern though.

  2. Wow, that looks great! My sweetie is asking about a hat, I just ordered some yummy soft black wool to make it. Love the cable pattern.

  3. Rockin' hat!!! I'm on the hunt for a hat pattern for my hubby and will have to show him this one. Like Ken, Steve has a huge head so I'd probably have to go up a size regardless of the fleece. Which, by the way I'm really impressed by and would love to see how you did it.

  4. this looks wonderful. perfect combo of simple + interesting :)
    can you tell me how you attached the fleece lining? something like that would be perfect for e too :) xo