30 November 2008

a little guy for a little guy

Phew...well, leave it to me to get ridiculously sick this weekend. This weekend, which was my last weekend before the big craft fair weekend! I was hoping to get everything all finished up, and Jared and I had a pretty hefty non-crafty to-do list. Unfortunately, I haven't left the house (and have barely left the couch) since we got home from Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday night. Oh well, sometimes, you just have to surrender to the tea and soup gods.

Anyways, in addition to Thanksgiving, we also celebrated the second birthday of Jared's youngest nephew. I remembered on Wednesday afternoon that we had decided to do this (since his actual birthday isn't until tomorrow), at which point, I also realized that we had no gift. We picked up a copy of Happy Birthday To You!, always a classic, and Thursday morning (after I finished my cooking) I whipped up this little guy. He's a super simple little softie made from two different fleeces that I had in my stash. I had toyed with the idea of making a happy face on one side, and a sad face on the other, but in the end, I honestly just didn't feel like making two faces! He's definitely a little wonky looking, but I know he'll be well loved by one of the sweetest two year olds I know. I'm thinking that I may work on the design a bit and make some for the shop. But that won't be until next year...

For right now, I'm focused on finishing up the last of the zippy pouches and then photographing everything I've worked on these past few weeks! For all you local folks, I'll be back with details on this weekend, and for all you non-local folks, I'll be posting everything that's left over on Monday December 8. I hope you all had lovely Thanksgivings!


  1. oh no. I hope you are feeling better by now.
    did you have stomach flu too?
    I think everyone is getting it:(

  2. Oh god.
    Man, if only we could've been sick together (one more reason you should move here).
    Good luck on prepping for the fair. Sometimes it easier to work under pressure, right?
    Hope you are feeling better.