19 December 2008

the full tin

The final cookie post of 2008. I think...The fourth type of cookie that I made this year was tea cakes. Frankly, I didn't get any good photos of these cookies, but they were delicious. I used this recipe from Bread and Honey, a beautiful and delicious food blog that I've only recently discovered. I didn't change anything about the recipe, so I don't feel that I need to retype it here. Also, once you're over there, click around and check out some of their delicious recipes!

The final two cookies that I made, which I've already shared here before, were the lavender shortbread, and the double chocolate cookies. I wasn't planning on making the lavender ones, since I've finally come to terms with the fact that I don't actually like eating lavender (even though I really wish I did like it), but they were specially requested. I also wasn't planning on making the double chocolate, but after the mexican chocolate failed, I knew I needed something chocolaty.

This year, as with last year, I was able to find some awesome tins at the thrift store. I sort of followed through with my plan to stock up throughout the year, but I didn't have quite as many as I needed (which ended up being sixteen). So last weekend, when I was starting my baking, I headed over to Savers and was able to find a ton! I thought there wouldn't be any since last year I was going around and around to all the thrift stores around this time buying tins. So that was a major relief. They're so tacky, that I just love them. Most of the ones I found weren't too Christmas-y (which, frankly, was probably why they were left in the store), so I was happy about that.

Soooo, it's officially done. The only gifting I have left to work on is something for Jared's little nephews. I do need to make another stuffie, since apparently the one I made for the birthday boy a few weeks ago was commandeered by his older brother. I've been at a loss for what to do for them, but I had a brief stroke of genius today and I think I've got a great idea. We'll just see if it pans out the way it looks in my head. Luckily, it's supposed to snow all weekend, so I think I'll just stay inside. Stay warm and cozy wherever you are this weekend!


  1. I can't believe you made SIXTEEN tins of cookies. you are mad. in a good way:)
    can't wait to see the stuffie. they are so fun to make -no fitting issues.
    Have a wonderful weekend inside where it's warm.
    I think we might brave the elements and go sledding. gotta take advantage of that snow....

  2. Oh, yum. Loving the cookie recipes you shared! I'm going to have to pick one to try this season--chai shortbread, probably! I'm very curious about the lavender. (We spent some time in Provence with a family whose son used to help with the harvest--so beautiful there.) xoxo


  3. have a great holiday, sweetie.

    I have a few tins to send you for next year!

  4. what martha said :) you are so awesome. i am baking today but i think a couple of batches is all i can manage :) i like the idea of stocking up on tins throughout the year... easy peasy no stress for december!
    and also very excited to see your stuffies. i am going to do the elephant from last minute patchwork gifts today!

  5. I can't believe you made sixteen tins either - you're a cookie hero! and you're right, bread & honey is a nice site.

    I hope you had a truly wonderful holiday, friend!