29 December 2008

oh, hi there

Hello everyone! So sorry to drop off here for about a week and a half! I was certainly not intending to do that, but I suppose if I had thought about what I've had going on for the past ten days (dogsitting, Jared coming home from California, spending six straight days with his family) I would have realized that it was just time to take a little break. Anyways, here I am. I hope you all had a lovely holiday if you were celebrating one in the last week. I'm slowly getting back into my routine and I'm so super excited that I have a whole other week off from work to catch up on some projects (crafty and not) and get my head back on straight before getting back to work next week.

I had a really lovely Hanukkah dinner with Jared's family on Saturday and gave them all (excepf for Jared) their first taste of potato latkes. They loved it, and I was wishing there were more leftovers, even though I tripled the recipe. I posted the recipe last year, you can find it here. This year, I replaced the flour with white rice flour to accommodate Jared's nephew who is on a gluten free diet and that worked just fine. I didn't notice any significant taste or consistency difference, which I was worried about.

I hope you all have been finding some time to relax during this crazy season and spend some time with the ones you love. I'll be back later this week with some more crafty posts, it feels like it's been forever since I've posted something crafty!

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