04 January 2009

winter scenes

Here's just a few shots from a little outing last week with Jared's family. I have two rolls of film to scan in and upload, so I'll be sharing a bunch of recent photos here, as well as some long-promised craftiness because there has definitely been a lot of that going on here. I'm headed back to work tomorrow after two very wonderful weeks of vacation, and I'm really not looking forward to that first day back (especially since I have a deadline on Tuesday, eep!). Oh well, I'm just grateful for this time off even if it does make going back tomorrow a little harder. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and have some nice plans for the week ahead!

ps: you may have noticed a little bit of a new look here- for you bloglines/google reader folks, there's a new banner (I know I always miss that when reading through google reader) and a few other small changes. I'll be doing a bit more tweaking soon, I'm starting to feel like things are a bit cluttered here (like my list of books/cds that I haven't updated in months!) and I'm trying to tidy up a little, you know, the new year and all...


  1. what a beautiful time you must have all had, julia. these photographs are beautiful - I love the burst of orange.

    hope we can catch up a bit soon. I've missed our little talks. xo

  2. noticed the new look right away! looking forward to those film shots. i'm living my winter vicariously this year, it seems. xo.

  3. OK, trying not to overwhelm you with a bunch of comments as I play catch up with my bloglines. Just a few quick notes:
    -Love the new banner
    -Way cool bridge
    -Nice hat, I need a new hat but in a green that matches my scarf, am contimplating this one
    -I like how you titled your sky pictures Lace. I love looking through bare branches at the sky. A favorite pastime.