26 February 2009

passed down

This morning, as I was getting ready to leave the house, I realized that I was wearing three generations of handknits. A sweater made by my grandmother (I think she originally made it for my mom?) years ago, that has become my go-to sweater this winter. A cashmere neckwarmer that my mom recently knit and sent to me, which has also pretty much been a fixture around my neck since it arrived. And my own recently-knit piksi hat. I feel like knitting is often a skill or hobby that is passed down among generations of women, and I'm so glad that it is that way in my family too. I hope someday I'll have a little (or not so little- I wasn't really interested in learning how to knit until I was in college) one to teach as well.

It makes me so happy to come from a line of crafty women. My grandmother (on my mom's side) passed away when I was just a kid, so it's so meaningful to have these little bits that she made. She was also quite the seamstress, though that was not a skill she passed along to my mom (I'm told she used to finish all of my mom's home ec projects for her) and I came to sewing quite on my own. Sharing a skill with my grandmother, and having some special things that were hers, makes me feel just a little closer to someone that I barely got to know. (Also, she was the first mom on their block to wear pants, so she was clearly a woman after my own heart!) I also have a number of pieces of my mom's...some embroideries she made when she was younger, and a beautiful watercolor that hangs above my fireplace. Not living near my family, it helps to be surrounded by little reminders, especially handmade ones.

There's a blizzard here, I've already taken the dog out to play in the snow and shoveled (though I'm sure that'll need to happen again). I'm in for the night, finishing up my sweater (speaking of knitting) and snuggling with Freddie. Hope you're all having a good evening.

And don't forget, I'll announce the winner of the fabric giveaway here tomorrow so if you haven't commented here yet, be sure to do that tonight! After the giveaway, the rest of the fabric packs will be posted in the shop.


  1. i love to be surrounded by things that have a history. these are lovely things to have julia. i have this pair of black gloves that belonged to my mother when she was my age and i get such a kick out of wearing them.

    really love this hat on you. i wear mine all the time, and i think it's time i made one of my own.

  2. That is way cool. I have a cardigan my grammy made but since I got my size from the other side of the family, it's about three inches too short. But I do cherish all the crafts she left us- I have doilies and afghans and yes, the cardigan and even a quilt. It's like having a part of her in some way, and it always makes me wonder...if we have kids, what will their kids remember about me? Gotta start making some heirlooms! :)

  3. It's interesting those skills that are passed along, perhaps lie dormant for a generation--I get gardening from my grandparents on my dad's side, but neither of my own parents have the slightest interest. My own mother, though is an insanely talented knitter and sewer--she made my wedding dress! I can't do much in comparison.

  4. I love this. I am not generally a sentimental person, but I do keep everything that my grandmother makes, like a pair of mittens. As she's grown older and made less, I really value the things she presented me with or that she and I worked on together.