27 February 2009

it's friday. yes indeed

Happy Friday Friends!

These photos were taken with a new camera of mine- it's a toy camera I found for a few dollars at the thrift shop. It was made by Time Magazine (I'm still poking around the internet to find more info about it) and I'm sure it was sent out free with a subscription, or something like that. I loaded some film I had gotten for free and promptly went out on a walk with my two favorite boys on a nice sunny day. I finally got the film back and here's a couple of the shots. I'm excited to play around with this some more! I've recently gotten a ton of free (mostly expired, but whatever) film through freecycle so I don't feel bad blowing a whole roll of film. For all you film nuts out there I'd highly recommend trying freecycle or the free section of craigslist for some free film!

I want to thank everyone for the sweet sweet comments on my blogiversary post. It was so nice to hear from long time and new readers alike, comment more! I love hearing from you, and I loved hearing what keeps each of you coming back. Your words really mean a lot to me. So, without further ado, the winner of my little giveaway is...Claudia! I can't remember exactly how Claudia and I "met" but it was around a year and her beautiful photos and 365 project inspired me to do my own photo a day (even though it was only for a month) last April. Claudia also sent me an awesome cd last spring with some amazing (and totally new to me- I love that!) Quebecoise music. She makes beautiful creations, which she sometimes sells in her shop, so I'm sure she'll put this fabric to good use :)

Claudia said...
two years...time flies!
happy blog anniversary :)
I like the simplicity and beauty of your blog...and also the wow factor since you make your own bread:)
February 25, 2009 8:48 PM

I hope to have the remaining four packs of fabric in the shop by Monday. Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. oh...I'm so happy!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to make new creations with your beautiful fabric :) Have a lovely weekend xox

  2. How fun! Toy cameras and film photography have stolen my heart lately. I could take pictures of trees all day long.

    Thanks for the link to the gardening site, too!