25 March 2009

in the kitchen

You may have noticed that I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. I think most people do, even if you don't love to cook and bake as much as I do. Whenever we have parties, people always end up congregating in the kitchen, does this happen to you too? We are lucky to have such a big, sunny, and inviting kitchen, though whenever I think about moving I get sad because I'm pretty sure we'll never have a kitchen as nice as this one again!
A while back Sandra Juto posted a bunch of film photos of her home and they totally inspired me to take more film photos around the house. I used to be so stingy with my film camera, but I'm really using it so much more than digital now (especially after getting all that free film recently!) and I've been taking more and more photos of just "ordinary" things with film. I can't remember who wrote this, but I recently read online that "everything is good enough for film" and that is so true.

After all that shop talk yesterday, I had a burst of inspiration around 9pm and made something new! It felt sooo good. Of course, it was grey and snowy today (seriously?) so I haven't been able to take a photo yet. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow! I'd still love any feedback or ideas you all have about my last post.

PS: One of my favorite flickr friends (who I am so excited to get to meet next month!), Leah, has a blog, check it out! If it's anywhere as awesome as her flickrstream, it is not to be missed.


  1. i've been following your blog, your flikr, and your shop for a while now. i really appreciate your creativity and what you've shared with us. i also appreciate your thoughts and vulnerability that you express, especially your recent thoughts on sharing your art in your shop. i think we all as crafters feel vulnerable when we put ourselves out there, and i know how easy it is to compare oneself to others and not feel as creative or good at crafting.
    i don't have many words of advise, just here to offer my hand as a friend who feels very much the same way as you have expressed.
    one suggestion/ idea i have: i have a dear friend who dyes yarn and is making a good living off it. maybe that's a route you could explore.
    and i third the advice of not underpricing your handmades.

  2. !!!

    How did I miss the part at the bottom!

    You are so sweet. Oh lady, thank you. You don't know how much good it did my heart, stumbling on that just now. I can't wait to give you the biggest hug in a few weeks.

    A FEW WEEKS!! xoxo

  3. Nice placemats! And a very nice blog too. :-)