26 March 2009

i may be suffering from project add

A couple of days ago, I started to work on a custom sweater for a coworker's child. The pattern turned out to be too small, so I was forced to set it aside until I figured out a solution.

Last night, at around 11pm (which is usually the time of night that I'm already asleep), I decided that I needed a new knitting project. By 12:30am, I was forcing myself to put it down, only with the thoughts of the busy day at work that I knew I was going to have today.

In the shower this morning, I decided that I needed to make myself a new bag, and a new skirt, for my trip to New York. I'm leaving next Saturday. So tonight, I'm starting on the bag.

This is not even mentioning the flood of ideas that I am now having for the shop. Also, the fact that I am literally writing this post as I'm working on the bag.

Am I insane? Does this happen to the rest of you?


  1. we all suffer from the same creation insanity! but the end results are usually sooo good!
    i've got "the book" too. my daughter wants to do make the bag, i'm going for the skirt!
    what's the new knitting project?

  2. this happens to me and books. ;) you should see my stack. i'm the worst knitter ever julia! i wish you could come over and help me along. i am still working on that cowl. i bet as soon as i'm finished it will be spring and i won't get to wear it until next year. also, new york?! come up to vermont too!