29 March 2009

a new clutch

Now that spring is sort of here, I'm feeling the weight of winter begin to lift up and away. With fewer layers of coats, hats, mittens, long underwear, boots (and more) constricting me, I'm feeling much lighter. As spring approaches, do you notice that there's less to carry around when you leave the house? I notice that. Hence the need to make a new bag (which is done! a full report tomorrow...) and this new clutch.

Inspiration for this one struck the other night and I worked out the (albeit very simple) pattern and made this up right away. This one is now in the shop, and I'm already envisioning some additions to the pattern...a small pocket inside, maybe some very small and simple embroidery. We shall see, I'm excited to continue tweaking this one. I'm really loving the style of these two fabrics together, the solid darkness of the denim contrasted against the white subtle polka dot/uneven line pattern. All brought together with orange contrasting stitching (I do believe that the orange was deeply inspired by this).

This could be dressed up for a night out, or it would be perfect for just heading out for the afternoon. I could also see using this as a pouch inside a larger bag, to keep track of those essentials that always manage to end up at the bottom, especially when you need them most (you know, like your keys!). So head on over to the shop and check it out. Thanks!

ps: this is my 300th post! who knew i'd have this much to say here?! thanks again for reading everyone. xo


  1. I am liking it a lot! Especially orange contrast stitching. Orange contrast stitching is always good.

  2. love the clutch and congrats on 300! -kb