23 March 2009


LinkGood music is one of the greatest things in the world. I love that Minneapolis has such a wonderful local music scene--between all of the amazing bands and the wonderful venues for them to play in, it's pretty hard for a Friday or Saturday night to pass without there being a show I'd want to check out.

A little while back, and acquaintance of mine who works at the Cedar Cultural Center was giving out some free tickets to upcoming shows. I'd never heard of any of the bands so I just picked one at random and hoped for the best. The Cedar is definitely one of my favorite venues in the cities, primarily because it's an actual theater- so you're never trying to hear the music over the drone of the crowd like when you're at a bar. Also, there's seating (does my insane appreciation for this mean I'm starting to get old?) for everyone. They also have an incredible variety of excellent music, local and global. (Other bands I've seen there include: Happy Apple, and Haley Bonar with Pieta Brown).

Jared and I got there early and sat in the second row (he decided that, based on the acoustics, that would be the best spot. I defer to him on this subject). I was happy we did so that I could snap a few photos from my seat. The main act, Romantica, was truly incredible. I guess you could call their music alt-country, or maybe americana. I don't know exactly why I love it so much, especially since when I created a pandora station based on their music, I really didn't like any of the songs it played. But their energy on the stage was infectious, and even listening to their album since (which I have done, over and over) makes me want to either dance around the living room, or curl up in bed with a good book, depending on the song.

What new music have you been enjoying lately?

And speaking of music, check out Brian's march mix.

ps: head on over to homesteading for a peek at our recent cheesemaking adventure!


  1. I love shows. Down and up on stage.
    Yesterday we went to see the master himself... PETER GABRIEL!!! I love him so much. His music and his voice are unique, so refined and at the same time so deep. And his whole person is beautiful.
    I was on the seventh row! In a stadium! (Really expensive tickets, but hey! He is the MASTER...).
    So, I am all about him these days.
    Tomorrow? Heading to see Radiohead!

  2. One of our favorite local musicians is Ben Connelly. All proceeds from his new album are going to Oxfam. Good music and a good cause. Can't beat it.