01 March 2009

welcome, march

{Photos taken with my new-to me- lomo lc-a that Jared bought me for my birthday. Can you tell, I'm having fun experimenting with new cameras?!}

Just popping to let you all know that the four remaining fabric packs are now listed up in the shop. I've also added two new patchwork scarves. Many of you out there are experiencing spring-like weather (not here, it's currently seven degrees outside- but sunny!), so there are now three patchwork scarves that are backed with a ridiculously soft lightweight recycled wool suiting. I'm dreaming of the days when that will be warm enough around my neck, though for now, I suppose I'm content with the cashmere neckwarmer my mom made me :).
As Emily said so eloquently, after all the apprehension about the February Funk, it turned out to be a pretty nice month. I know April will be quite busy, with two trips to opposite coasts, so I'm looking forward to March, and the slow (because I've lived here long enough to know and accept that it will be slow) easing into spring before things pick up and get totally crazy.

Today I'm loving...
:: issue 12 of This Joy+Ride
:: braids, here and here
:: these prints (more printing inspiration!)
:: this band, who I saw live last weekend and cannot stop listening to

Enjoy your Sunday! I'll be back tomorrow with a yummy new recipe.

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