15 April 2009

it's getting a little warm for a cowl

So, it was sixty-seven degrees outside this afternoon. And amazingly sunny. It's perfect spring weather. Seriously. So naturally, I'm going to write about my new wool cowl. What am I, insane? I should be writing about summer skirts and my new sandals, and garden planning! Actually, this beauty is perfect for the morning bike rides, even though I know it'll be summer before I know it. Another plus of recently finishing this cowl, is that it'll be all ready to be worn once fall comes around. Yes, I was planning ahead, exactly.

I bought this beautiful yarn from a local artist back in December because I just couldn't resist, even though I had no idea what I was going to do with it. The skein was huge--560 yards! I actually contemplated making a vest, but I figured I would end up just a tad short. I finally decided on a cowl, and found this super fun pattern on ravelry. I had never done bobbles (she calls them bubbles in the pattern, but I like bobble better) before, but they were super easy. And I utilized my handy new skill of making cables with no cable needle. Seriously, I don't think I'll ever go back.

I finished this one up on the plane ride to New York, and have worn it a bunch of times since. It's the perfect length- long enough to pull up over my face a little, but not too long that it gets too bunchy around my neck. It also holds close around my neck, so it actually keeps me warm. And the yarn? SO yummy to work with, and to wear. I love the color and it is super soft. I think I only used about half the skein, so I'll need to figure out another project for the rest of it!

Pattern: Bubbles and Cables, by Birgitte Zeuner Yarn: Aisha Celia Designs, Ginger (worsted weight) Needles: Size 7 circulars (note: the pattern calls for dpns, but I found those way too annoying here and after many dropped stitches, switched to circulars. There is no need for dpns) Modifications: none! this was an excellent pattern

{on ravelry here}


  1. Oh, no... Now, I will have to try this! I can't resist.

  2. you're so stinkin' cute! & your shirt is so lovely & springy :)

    of course, the cowl is beautiful!

  3. it's beautiful! and i'm right there with you, knitting winter items just when it's about to be summer. keeps things interesting.

  4. Mmm, I think you've inspired me to *finally* pick up my needles again after, um, months of dust collecting! :)