16 April 2009

a little shop talk

Here's another take on the simple clutch I made a few weeks ago. This was inspired by the contrasting pleat in my bag that I also made a few weeks ago, which, by the way I've been seriously loving! For some reason, I did not envision how asymmetrical this design would turn out, but I'm so excited about that feature of it. Literally, while I was making it last weekend, I actually got kind of giddy about how it was turning out and said out loud "wow, this is going to be so cool." (I think Jared thought I was a little weird, not the first time, I'm sure) It became something I hadn't expected and I really love that.

I've been feeling very overwhelmed ever since I got back from New York and have been surviving off of many many lists (the fact that I'm going out of town again in a week isn't helping that, but it'll be great) so I'm going to finish the rest of this post in list form...

::There are three of these pleated clutches, along with a bunch more goodies over at the new i like you shop, which is having their grand opening next Saturday, April 25...for all of you local folks. I will, sadly, not be in town for it, but I highly recommend checking out their new space- it's super sweet!

::I will be having a little Mother's Day shop update next Monday. This clutch will be included, along with some cards and other goodies that all of your moms will love. I will also have a bunch of items on big sale since I've decided that it really is time to clear out some items so I can start fresh, so be sure to check out the shop next week. Also, I'll include a little extra goodie for anyone who places an order on Monday, just sayin'. I may pop in over the weekend with a few previews...

::I have some more spring goodies in store for the shop, that may or may not make it into Monday's update (and possibly for a craft fair next month...) so stay tuned for lots of shop excitement soon!

::I will be starting a shop mailing list to let you know when I'll be updating the shop as well as when I'll be participating in craft shows or other events that you might want to know about. If you're interested in signing up, send me an email at juliaedavidson[at]gmail[dot]com, just check the sidebar.

Okay, I guess that wasn't a very long list at all. But hey, it's almost Friday!! I've got some fun plans for the weekend, so I'm excited. Jared will be out of town, but I'll be doing a big clean-up at my community garden on Saturday, then hitting up the Textile Center Garage Sale (third year in a row, woot!) that afternoon. Sunday, I'm hoping to get some major sewing done (maybe a new skirt for my trip? possibly a quilt back completed? oven mitts? more shop goodies? the possibilities are just endless!). What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. what busy week and end for you, filled with plenty to do. your lists sound great, i hope you enjoy working on your projects.
    my weekend too will be filled with sewing and hopefully some time out in the sun :)

  2. this is great julia. i am definitely checking back next week. have a good trip and that textile center garaege sale sounds cool! have fun.