20 April 2009

nyc:: at schiller's

Wow! Two posts in one day! I think this is a first, for sure. Don't forget to check out the shop :)

I'm not even sure how to begin sharing photos of my trip to New York, I have so many, and at this point I'm starting to think that I'm going to return from my next trip (I leave for San Francisco this Friday) before I finish posting all my photos from my last trip! Clearly I didn't account for film developing time when I was planning my trips :).

Schiller's is a restaurant on the Lower East Side that my mom and I have gone to a few times now, and I really love it. It's an old liquor bar and has an excellent vibe to it. My mom joked that she was the oldest person there, but hey...she was the one who told me about in the first place! We usually go for lunch on a weekday, when it's not very busy, but I'm sure it would be packed on the weekends. The food is good (I had an insanely rich mac and cheese), and the atmosphere is great.

It doesn't hurt that it's just a few blocks from MooShoes, meaning that lunch at Schiller's is pretty much always accompanied by a new pair of shoes! I have to admit that, even though I needed a new pair of sandals (which I got, thanks mom!), I really wanted to go to Schiller's so I could take photos of it. I snapped a couple more on the lomo, which I haven't developed yet, but I love how these turned out.

You can see more of my NYC photos here, I'll continue uploading them throughout the week.


  1. lovely photos - i like overall rough feel, it really gives us a sense of the atmosphere. And A+ for your mama in finding the place.

  2. woah, these photos are fantastic! schiller's is a favorite. you captured it so well.

  3. really great photos julia. it looks like it was a fun trip. and what an awesome mom to buy you shoes from mooshoes!
    when you're in sf next week, you should try steps of rome in north beach. they have the best italian cream puffs.
    have a great trip! i'm a little jealous...

  4. great shots!
    now... a pic of your new shoes :)

  5. These photos of Schiller's are great! I love that place. Have you read Lush Life by Richard Price? It takes place there, and is featured on the cover. Not necessarily one I'd recommend ... but it's fun because of the setting.

  6. we've walked by Schiller's so many times, nice space, sometimes very annoying customers..