18 May 2009

sf trip: part 1

Hi everyone! Things are finally starting to calm down over here, so I thought I'd finally tell you about my trip to San Francisco. I've been home for over two weeks, but it's been such a crazy busy two weeks that I'm only just getting to scan my three rolls of film now!

The main reason I went out to California was for my dear friend's bachelorette weekend celebration. We had a surprise engagement party for her and her fiancee (and thirty of their nearest and dearest friends) on Friday evening, the day I arrived. It was a blast, and they were totally surprised (I realized that it's pretty easy to keep it a secret when you only finalize the plans a week in advance!).

On Saturday, ten of us women rented a white limo (which, I just realized I didn't get any photos of!) and headed up to Sonoma for a little bit of wine tasting. The day was pretty much as gorgeous as it could have been and, despite a few minor mishaps, we all had a wonderful time. We went to two vineyards, whose names I cannot remember, both of which were outdoors, which was so key. We had some good wine, sat in the sun, but most of all, just hung out together. It was good... (see more photos here)

Back tomorrow with part 2 (and I'll let you know soon when the next shop update will be)


  1. sounds and looks like a beautiful trip!
    you've been busy; traveling, sewing, working, and doing craft fairs. i hope you're able to catch your breath.

  2. you are killing me here! it's been far too long since I've been to the area.