24 May 2009

sf trip: part 3

Okay, okay. I know I've said this many many times here, but it is one-hundred percent true. The single greatest thing about blogging has been the people that I've met because of it. Seriously. In the last eight months, I have met, in person, a number of amazing ladies. Ladies that I most definitely consider to be my friends, not just my flickr/blog friends. It's wonderful.

Most recently, I got to hang out with Leah for an amazing day of lost car keys, cupcakes, windstorms, hot chocolate, massages, amazing conversations, and obviously way more cameras than I'd ever have expected to find among two women. For the record, I think there were approximately eight cameras present that afternoon.

I'm not really sure how better to describe the outing that we had together except to say that if you've ever had the feeling of meeting someone for the first time and truly feeling as though you've known each other since you were four, that was what happened. For reals. Also, she has the most incredible smile. Also...


  1. it looks like you both had a wonderful time :)

    your words and images are beautiful, and I can't wait to see that beautiful smile myself in a few days.

  2. It looks like it was an awesome day. I'm jealous.

    Travel safe, Ashley. It's a long flippin' flight to LA. May it fly by (of course the pun was intended).

  3. Man, what a gorgeous gorgeous set of images. xo

  4. ALSO!

    you deserve a massage.

    but really? also?

    I love you, Juliaface. xox

  5. these photographs are so lovely & you're right- she's got a great smile!

  6. It looks like there were cupcakes involved. That's a very good thing. Also, Leah was involved. Another good thing. To sum up: I like these photos.

  7. i'm going to go ahead and let matt sum up for me too.