02 June 2009

may day 2009

Happy June everyone! I had hoped to at least post about May Day in the same month, but alas, here I am, one full month later. Oh well, such is life. I posted about the May Day Parade last year, so I won't repeat myself too much. I wrote last year that I hoped the pre-parade brunch at our place would become a lasting tradition, and I'm happy to report a successful second annual May Day brunch at our home. It was so lovely. The weather was as perfect as we could have hoped for, the dogs ran around in the backyard, friends and family came and went. It made me truly grateful for the community that we've found and created here. And what better time to celebrate community than on May Day?

{It feels like this blog has taken a sharp turn toward the solely photographic. I admit that photography is taking up much more of my time these days than it did just a few months ago, and so that's what I want to share here. But fear not, there are definitely some cooking, crafting, and gardening updates in the works. Not to mention a shop update... Thanks, as always, for reading and for all of your lovely and thoughtful comments.}


  1. i've been enjoying your photographs. sorry for being so silent with comments, and letter writing too. pages full of words will arrive on your door sometime soon.

    your friend and family may day brunch sounds perfect!

  2. what shanna said.

    love you, juliaface.