16 September 2009

the first sock

Hey Everyone! Sorry to have disappeared for so long again. Things here have been busy busy busy. I'm hoping to pick up some film today that will have lots of photos to share with you all. So if all goes according to plan, it won't be quiet around here any more.

But, we're here to talk about socks today. You wouldn't know it since it's been in the mid-80s here for the past week or so, but fall is fast approaching (despite today's warm temps, I did just hear that we might have some frost next week!). This summer with all my travels, I decided that I needed a small, portable knitting project. Looking back at my crafty goals for the year, it was clear that it was finally time to start a pair of socks.

I picked up a skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in a beautiful deep purple color. Initially I had my heart set on the Marlene pattern that I had found in Knit.1 (Fa
ll/Winter 2008 issue). I actually cast those one and stuck with it for a while, but the pattern was a little complicated for me (I'm not a huge fan of charts) and frankly the dark color that I had chosen was really not optimal for something with such a subtle pattern. So I frogged that (not that I had gotten very far) and searched around for a more basic pattern. I came to the "Basic Ribbed Socks" pattern, which was way more my speed.

And the other night, while watching a few episodes of Mad Men, I finished the first sock! I'm so impressed with myself. So far, the only mistake I've made is that I made the leg part a little longer than it called for (not really a problem). It seems to fit pretty well, but I am worried that over time (even over a day of wearing them) it will slouch down a little. My mom suggested sewing some elastic thread around the top- so I might try that. And now, I'm forcing myself to cast on the second sock right away before I get distracted by another project. I want to have me a pair of handknit socks for this winter!

ps: and just in case I don't finish my second sock in time, Melissa tempted me into ordering some new knee socks for fall, and they're quite dreamy...



    Most of the gals in my fibers group decided to knit socks, lead by one of our members who can knit them in her sleep. One lady, several months later, could not figure out the heel + pretty much had a break-down. I had to take the sock out of her hand + replace it with a simple sweater she was working on.

    I'm sticking with scarves + hats.

  2. Julia, not to disagree with your Mom, but elastic isn't going to do it - if you're knitting from the top down, knit the cuff (like the first 2 inches or so)with a smaller needle size, i.e. make it REALLY tight - it's ribbing, so it will definitely give - that's how you'll keep your socks up!

    that's one reason that I now knit all my socks toe-up, so I can customize the cuff however I want -

    just my two cents - but it DOES look wonderful - congrats on your first sock ;o)

  3. Yahoo! Knit socks are great--especially in the cool winter months. It makes snow just that more wonderful.