02 October 2009


First of all, thank you all so much for you sweet comments about our calendar and my birthday yesterday. It was so fun to check into my email and find all your sweet wishes from around the world! And I'm so over the moon with our calendar, I truly hope you like it too. I've put it on my sidebar here, so you can continue to download it throughout the fall.

While we're on the subject of collaborations (and taking a break from the food blogging- though don't you worry, I've got a few more of those up my sleeve), I thought I'd tell you about another project that I was so fortunate to play a small role in recently. Over the summer, my friend Martha was sweet enough to ask me if I'd model her clothing for her upcoming collection, gleaning, which was also to be the launch of Uniform Natural. I've been a fan of Martha's clothing ever since I discovered it a few years ago. And with Sarah as the photographer, my nervousness about not actually being a model was at least a little bit calmed down.

This was the first time any of us participated in any kind of photoshoot like this, and it was really fun to figure it all out together. We learned a lot about what works and what doesn't (i.e. a five and a half hour shoot is just a little too long) and I think we now understand why people get paid the big bucks to do this work. But seriously, these two ladies are both incredibly talented and I am so honored to call them my friends, and to have been a part of this.

Martha's new website, Uniform Natural, is now up! So go check it out! The collection will be available in her shop next week (October 8) and after having played dress-up in all of these clothes, I can tell you that they are really really lovely. I'm so inspired by Martha's mindfulness in her work- every single aspect of these clothes have been considered for how sustainable they are. From the
design process, to the materials and procedures used to create them, to how they are made to last and not go out of style, to how she worked with other local peeps (including Jen, who built the new website) to make this all happen, it's all there.

Also, Sarah will be offering a polaroid print in her shop later today. It's one of my favorites, so be sure to check that out too!

PS: these are the only four photos that I shot that entire day, but I think they are a good representation of my experience!


  1. you look beautiful in all of the photos! i love her clothing line so much!

  2. I just fell of my chair when I clicked on the UN site (from Rachel's blog) and saw you there so big on my screen.
    You look so beautiful.

  3. So your memories are of staring off in the distance and changing your clothes, huh? He he.

    Seriously, you looked beautiful in all of those pictures. What an amazing collaboration.

  4. i just love these julia. such a fun thing to be apart of.

  5. I love seeing your point of view on the day and imagining what it was like to be the model for a day!

  6. i got to see the photos as i was building the site, and i have to say you are stunning. not that i didn't already think that, but Sarah captured it perfectly on film. and i don't think gleaning was meant for you. i don't think martha could have picked anyone else.

  7. Julia! I hope you had a happy birthday! These pictures are wonderful; you are the perfect model. What a great experience for you three.

    Also thank you for posting about your bread bag -- you reminded me that I want to make one for myself.

  8. How did you survive all of those modeling hours and still look so fantastic?! Kudos to you.