05 October 2009

bread in a bag

I'm sure you all know by now that I'm a big fan of homemade bread. I've written about my love for fresh baked bread here many times (of course, at the moment, I'm entirely too lazy to find those links. maybe I should add the new search feature...). Although I do bake bread through the summer, when it's hot here, fall is such a wonderful bread baking time. Especially since freshly baked bread is the perfect accompaniment for a nice hearty soup. Something that also makes a long-awaited appearance in fall.

One issue I'd always had was how to store my bread to keep it fresh. Paper bags allow it to get hard too quickly. Plastic bags create too much moisture. I have tried leaving it out on the counter with the cut side down, which seems to work, but of course then the crumbs get everywhere. I've sort of been on the lookout for a bread box, thinking that would be my silver bullet, but I've yet to find the perfect one.

So, when the genius ladies behind the new Cup & Saucer Collective included a bread bag in their first collection, I knew tha
t I had to have one.
::Fact: this bag has not been empty since it arrived at my house approximately one month ago.
::Fact: bread in this bag stays fresh for a reasonable amount of time (around 5-6 days for a loaf of whole wheat bread). Check it out, it's pretty much perfect (not to mention that it's beautiful).

For those of you wondering, the bread inside of this bag is Basic Whole Wheat Bread from the Laurel's Bread Book. And, in this photo, there are two full loaves in the bag- that's how big it is.


  1. Oo! I've been wondering about cloth bread bags. I saw someone else mention it and I was wondering if it really worked. Does it work when the bread is cut too?

  2. 2 loaves?
    the two of you couldn't possibly eat all of that bread before it gets stale, even in the bag.....
    all I'm sayin' is "you know where I live".

  3. I love my beautiful bag too, and have been amazed at how long bread stays fresh. Bread bags are genius.

  4. darn, I need on of these, I'm using a ziplock

  5. hey thanks everyone! i really do love this bag!

    to be clear- it doesn't keep the bread from getting hard as well as a plastic bag, but I think that plastic makes bread a little to soft from the moisture. I think this cloth bag definitely keeps it fresh for a reasonable amount of time.

    martha- the 2 loaves were when we had some houseguests. are you in need of homemade bread? i do know where you live...

  6. I recently made a bag for my bread too!
    I found that stucking the loaf inside of a plastic bag with holes and then in the fabric bag is the best way to keep it.

  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/juliealvarez/3799675276/

  8. Mmm, so very good. Needing to bake bread this weekend, I think!!