08 October 2009

happiness is::

Link::leaving a very frustrating day at work (actually, three consecutive frustrating days at work) to find that it's a beautiful warm day outside.
::upon arriving home, taking a very excited puppy for a nice walk in the park.
::deciding (as I don't often do) to grab a camera for this walk.
::blowing half a pack of polaroid film on the beautiful autumn light.
::sitting on the couch and knitting for a few hours while I should be doing the huge pile of dishes in the kitchen.
::finishing washing all those dishes and feeling calmed by the clean kitchen.
::ending the night with a fresh batch of apple cinnamon granola.
::waking up to remember that I have a morning meeting at my favorite bagel shop, yum!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last few posts! You all make me happy here! Just a reminder, the g l e a n i n g collection goes on sale TODAY at 1pm CST. And although they are sold out of the bread bags I wrote about in my last post, the good ladies over at The Cup and Saucer Collective are working on a new collection, so be sure to keep your eye out!


  1. oh, i am so happy that you've been able to take full advantage of this beautiful fall weather. i'm so sorry that work has been a bother. sometimes i have days like that and especially when they're consecutive, it can be difficult to think positively! but- it seems like you have been able to leave your problems at work which is the best! enjoy your granola :) it sounds delicious!

  2. those things do sound like happy making. I am always so calmed by a clean space, even though I procrastinate the cleaning quite often!

  3. those pictures turned out awesome.
    nice choice with the film