16 October 2009

happy friday!

Hello friends!
Sorry to disappear for a whole week there. I've been on such a good blogging schedule and really enjoying sharing with you all everything I've been up to over the past couple of months. I still have a stack of photos waiting to be scanned and a few posts brewing in my head. Topics such as tomato sauce, buckets of apples, homemade vinegars and tinctures. And I know I still haven't told you about my medicinal herbs!

The fact is, though, I think these posts are probably going to have to wait at least another week. We are moving one week from tomorrow and there's a lot of loose ends that still need tying up. And by that I mean, there's still a lot of crap that needs to be packed up and paperwork that needs to be filled out. So. I think, to take the pressure off, I am going to sign off here for at least a week, maybe even until the end of the month. That way, if I do manage to pop back in with a post or two, it'll just feel like a bonus! And, as always, you will find me here (for as long as our scanner stays unpacked!).

I wish I had some inspiring links to leave you with, but I haven't had much time for internet dilly-dallying lately. Take care, friends! And when I come back, we'll be homeowners!


  1. good luck with the move!

  2. good luck with tying everything up and moving, once it's done with you'll feel so amazing as a new homeowner!!

  3. What an exciting next few weeks this will be for you Julia! I'll be thinking about you. Good luck with the moving!

  4. Congratulations! It's so fun to have your own place, you can do just what you want with it. :) And I missed your birthday- happy belated!

  5. tomato sauce! we were just talking about that last week.
    hope the move goes well! x