10 November 2009

and now...back to regularly scheduled programming

Hi Everyone!

I know I promised to get back to this space last week, but the truth is, I'm still settling into everything. Also, we don't have our own internet set up at the house yet (we're "borrowing" from our neighbors). The telephone system is a mess and Jared is working on sorting it out. I do really miss being here and I think in this time of chaos and craziness, I've been longing to be here with you all. So, I'm going to start carving out some time to post here as much as I can. Promise.

Sooooo. I finally finished my first pair of socks! I know, somewhere in the midst of buying a house and all that craziness, I found some time to knit. Actually, I stole some time to knit. But whatever. And, I wore them today. They're a teeny bit baggier than I would have liked, but I'd say that for my very first pair of socks, I did a pretty damn good job. So there.

For my birthday, my mom bought me a book, some yarn, and fancy needles, for another pair of socks. I have few projects ahead of that in the queue, but there will definitely be some more socks in my future....

Basic Ribbed Socks
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine
Size 2, double pointed.

None! This pattern was great for a beginner like me.

{on Ravelry, here}


  1. They look great! I'm thoroughly impressed. I've never attempted socks as the heal part scares me. So kudos to you!

  2. a very damn good job!!!

    lady. you rock.