03 March 2010

file under: seemed like a good idea at the time

Though, of course, this one's not nearly as bad as that neon yellow cotton knit hoodie I made a few years ago (for the record, no one can be expected to make rational decisions the day after returning from living abroad for five months.  Hence the choice of neon yellow).

In my efforts to use up the stash, I decided I should knit something with this yarn that my mom sent me a while back, that a friend had given away to her.  No one, not even the original purchaser, seemed to know exactly what, or how much of it there was, but I figured that I had enough for a vest, which seemed like a good project.  Multiple times during the knitting of this vest, I found myself saying something along the lines of "I don't know if I'm ever going to want to wear this" or "I hope I like this thing when it's done."

Well, um, I don't.  It's pretty much just plain ugly (and really, I'm not fishing for compliments!  Those who have seen it in person can totally back me up).  In fact, I keep thinking that it's some sort of twisted mix between Rainbow Brite and Punky Brewster.  Which, if it was 1987 or I was six, might be cool.  Friends, it's not, and I'm not.  And neither of those facts are ones I'm sad about.

Granted, it was easy to knit and it does fit pretty well.  But, it's still ugly.  Luckily, I have smart friends.  The kind who suggest smart things, like dying it.  So that's the current plan.  I'm thinking of something dark.  Like a dark grey-blue.  That way the stripes will still be visible, but much more subtle.  Hopefully barely visible.  Martha suggested this dye, but I'm also curious about natural, plant-based dyes so if you know anything about that or have suggestions, let me know.  I'm a little bit worried that the yarn will felt, but honestly, I'm not that worried...

So if any of you out there have any suggestions, or want to share stories of something stupid you've done, feel free.  Misery loves company, you know...

And in case you're wondering, here are the deets:
Pattern: Tweedy Vest by Mona Schmidt
Yarn: mystery
Needles: size 7 circulars
Modifications: None, despite the horrid yarn choice I made, this is actually quite a decent pattern.

{on ravelry here} 

Oh! I forgot to mention, I do have a few skeins of this yarn leftover, so if any of you are interested, it's yours!  Seriously.


  1. It really does fit well, the dye-job should do the trick.

  2. it does look nice, yarn color aside. hopefully the dye job will go well!

  3. i have a little book on plant based dyes. i'll dig it out when i'm at home and email you.

  4. The shape is so nice, Julia; dying it really will do the trick. It's too bad all that time was spent on something you don't like! See you in a week. xo

  5. Mom's friend here ... the trick to knitting with that yarn is to knit something vertically, i.e. start with a cuff and knit it up to the armhole, increasing as you go along - then, from the sleeve, cast on for both front and back, keep knitting until you get to the other armhole, cast off and knit back down to the other cuff - then pick up the neck and make a turtleneck or crew neck or whatever - your Mom never asked me for a pattern to send with the yarn, and I think I have it somewhere if anyone is interested ... I also purled the colored parts to give them added interest from the stockinette - aside from that, the vest looks pretty nice - ;o)

  6. Really, I cannot tell how regretful this vest is from the photos.

  7. I agree, the fit is great!

    It's so hard, though, when you finally take the time to make something for yourself and then hate it!