08 March 2010

The world's cleanest dishtowel.

I'm afraid to use it.  I know, how ridiculous is that?  It's just, well, it's so pretty.  I don't want it to get stained.  Though, part of me really wants it to get worn and soft and maybe have some stains.  Maybe I just need to make more, so I'm not too attached to this one.  That's it.  I need more.

I knew as soon as I started this first project of mine from the Alabama Stitch Book, that I would be addicted.  And, I was.  I really enjoyed the reverse applique technique--which involves creating a stencil, transferring the stencil to the fabric, hand-stitching around the stenciled images and then cutting out the top layer of fabric inside the stenciled image.  I really loved all the steps that this project involved.  There was something about this project that was so calming, and even though this was new for me, I immediately felt that I could take this technique and make it my own. 


  1. Ok, that's it! I have to put that book on hold at the library!!! That towel turned out great (I have visions of holiday gifts already--isn't that scary!)

  2. i feel the same way about the reverse applique! it is calming and soothing and really makes me feel connected to what i am making. your towel is lovely, julia.

  3. It's lovely! I've avoided embroidering or screenprinting linens for the same reason--- I know I would never, ever use them!

    Dying to try reverse applique, too!