22 April 2010

I like Bagels

A. Lot.  Let's just get something straight...I grew up in Upper West Side New York- just blocks from this legend, and this one too.  So some may call me a bagel snob.  I think a bagel shmeared with cream cheese is generally the first thing I eat when I set foot in New York.  In retrospect, I'm pretty sure that my insane love of bagels is exactly what's deterred me from making my own for so long.  I guess I just never thought I'd be able to create a bagel that was as good as H&H, or Zabar's.  

Imagine my shock when these little babies came steaming out of the oven.  To be fair, they're no New York Bagel (yes, that deserves to be capitalized).  But they are damn good.  To be honest they taste more like the bagels from my favorite local spot than New York Bagels, but hey, I'm a Minneapolitan now, right?  I'm adapting.  Bagel snobbery aside, I highly recommend this recipe.  It's from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and, as with all their recipes (at least the ones I've tried so far), is pretty damn easy to follow.  I think I made this comment before, but the recipe did not make as much as it claimed to.  I halved the recipe- expecting 10 bagels- and I ended up with six smallish bagels and two very mini bagels.  

I'm getting prepped for our annual May Day Brunch next week, and I think these may have to make an appearance on the menu.  Any other suggestions??


  1. If you start making trail mix bagels or Asiago cheese bagels or cranberry bagels or any similar sort of abomination, I'll disown you. I'm a snob too. Egg, plain, sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, or everything are approved varieties. Notice how I didn't include raisin.

  2. And in terms of your brunch, coffee cake or Molly's cinnamon rolls would be my suggestions.

  3. So living in the southeast I've had to dispel many myths about MN. One woman who had lived in NY said, "did you even have bagels in MN"? Although maybe to her bagels were an ethnic specialty food.

  4. i love bagels too!! but i've never ma them myself. this post just makes my mouth water.