15 June 2010

just hanging out

Hi everyone! Didn't mean to take off for a week, but things have just been busy here (isn't that always the story?). Our summer is off to a fine start, even though it hasn't felt very summery lately! Jared is off from school for a few months, and even though we're both working still, it feels like a vacation to have evenings and weekends together instead of at the library! My garden is doing wonderfully (I suppose that is the one benefit of the constant rain) and I can't seem to stop myself from buying more and more plants...We've finally set a date for our housewarming party, so we've been busy finishing up loads of little projects around the house, it's amazing how many boxes can be emptied once you buy a big bookshelf!

I don't know about you all, but sometimes my biggest problem when it seems like there's so much to do (or that I want to do), is that I can't seem to make myself just slow down. A few weekends ago, Jared and I took a day to just hang out. I had a new-to-me camera to play with, and we took the day to go to some places around town that we'd never been to. We hit up a fancy coffee shop, a farmers market, and then took a little drive. At the farmers market I saw a gigantic lavender plant and stuck my face in it to just take in the beautiful scent. When I looked up, the farmer told me that the look on my face was the look that everyone should have when smelling lavender...dreamy.

It was so nice to just have a day to spend together, just being.


  1. sounds like you've been enjoying all the amenities of summer!!! can't go wrong with housewarming party planning, coffee shops and farmer's markets :)

  2. this sounds like heaven. I agree! The more we want to do, the harder it is to slow down. I only really remember the days like the one you described. you've inspired me again.

  3. What a lovely-sounding weekend! And that lavender looks gorgeous.

    We spent the first weekend since December with just us, no extended family duties or visits. We just puttered around the house and went to the zoo. It was wonderful :)

  4. It happens to me exactly the same. Sometimes I need Oz to remind me to slow down.
    Now that I moved to a small coastal town, and I have a house with a big yard, I can't stop making-fixing-planning!
    I wish I could see all those little details you talk about, your house must be really warm and inviting...!