16 June 2010

summer nights

Summer nights are for backyard bonfires, late night bike rides, walks around the neighborhood, lazing about, late dinners, catching fireflies, stargazing, last minute get togethers, field trips to the ice cream shop. Summer nights are for dreamers.


  1. YES!
    You know, I have never seen a firefly...
    hoping to remedy that.
    Cheers to dreaming!

  2. i need this kind of summer. so far, my summer is consisting of being too hot on the subway platform and smelly trash in my neighborhood. need to go on some summer adventures!

  3. perfect.
    Abby -come visit us in mpls! we have lots of fireflies:)

  4. Fireflies must not come across the Mississippi.
    I have never seen a firefly in my life!
    This post is so great, Julia.
    perfect, indeed.

  5. Love this picture! It totally captures my idea of a summer night. Love when it finally gets to dusk and things start to cool off and the sunlight gets softer. We love bonfires and late bike rides and walks in the country. Mmmmm I love summer nights.

  6. i agree, summer nights are filled with such loveliness - like last night, when we rode our backs all around our wonderful little town, went to yoga class, had dinner on the balcony ... so nice.

  7. very well said!! i totally agree!

  8. I stumbled across your blog and love this post. Wishing you a happy summer!