13 July 2010

Summer knitting

I can't even believe it's taken me so long to show this off here, I finished this sweater back in {gasp!} May!  Actually, I think it was just about two months ago exactly.  I was really excited to make this sweater, and it came together relatively quickly, which is always a plus.  I also thought it was going to be my go-to summer sweater, wearing it all the time.  The first problem with that idea is that you really don't need sweaters all the time during a Minnesota summer, since it's generally really freaking hot.  

But anyways, the other problem with that idea is that, well, I just don't love the sweater.  I like, it, I really do.  But I don't love it.  

You see, I tried something new this time, blocking all the pieces individually before I sewed the sweater together.  Normally, no matter what the pattern says, I block the entire piece as one.  I'm not sure why, I just have always done it that way.  But for some reason, I tried it this way this time.  And I think this might have been the source of many of my problems.  I had a really hard time getting all the pieces to match the intended finished measurements, and I think the fronts ended up being longer than the back.  Not to mention that the entire sweater ended up much longer than I would have liked.  

Also, I'm not sure that I'm a fan of the whole "open cardigan" style, which is entirely my fault seeing as the pattern is actually called the Classic Silk Open Cardi.  I just have the feeling that it's always going to fall off my shoulders, which just kinda bugs me.

But, despite my issues with this sweater...it was fun to knit (that Classic Silk is a dream!), the pattern was well written, I have worn it a bunch, and it does fit pretty well.  Overall, I would call it a general success.  

Pattern: Classic Silk Open Cardi, by Pam Allen
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Classic Silk
Size: 33.5" bust 
Modifications: None

On Ravelry, here 

PS: It feels so weird posting these photos here (which I took a few weeks ago) since (as many of you might know) I chopped my hair off!


  1. I love this! Have you tried belting an open cardigan? Sometimes I like to overlap the sides and throw on a belt.

    It's just beautiful!

  2. It is really pretty! I love that sage-y green!

  3. I love the shape so much. And it's really flattering.
    But, I do understand what you mean by the open cardigan thing--I always button at least one button to keep it from hanging off the side of one shoulder or the other.