08 July 2010

summer manifesto

Even though summer began a few weeks ago, I feel like I'm just starting to find my summer groove.  I can definitely tell that this summer is going to fly by, with our weekends quickly filling up with visitors, events, projects, and a road trip later in August.  Before we know it, Jared will be back in school and summer will be just about over.  

So...I'm making this list so that I can remember some things that I want to do to savor this summer, our first summer in our house!  (You'll notice that I'm carrying over a few things from my spring manifesto- either I didn't get to them, or I just want to keep doing them!).

:: Take some evening bike rides in search of treats (I'm thinking of this spot, and this one too).

:: Swim in at least one new lake (and old ones too).

:: Keep working on my wardrobe challenge (I have made progress and will share soon!).

:: Make lemonade, limeade, and other fun summery beverages (suggestions welcome!).

:: Have a picnic.

:: Sleep outdoors.

:: Be lazy.

:: Eat food straight out of the garden. 

:: Try some new preserving recipes (this weekend I'm doing medicinal honey) and dry as many of my herbs as possible.  

What's on your list for this summer? 

psssst: if you're reading this in a reader click on over to see my new summer header, it's pretty!


  1. I want to sleep outdoors this summer too!

    ok, how about liquados or aqua frescas? just blend up watermelon or canteloupe until liquified. they are so so good. For mango, you just add a bit of water to the pulp. And they would be awesome with some muddled herbs. xo, rach

  2. i definitely identify with the summer going by fast syndrome - i can't believe it's july...when did that happen?!

    before the summer ends i think i need lots more swimming, some bike riding, many more trips to the farmers market, and lots of new recipes. and music. lots of music too.

  3. Suggestions - Snelling Lake and cucumber water. Not necessarily together.

    As for me - the kids and I made a summer plan. After I convinced them that this plan could not including purchasing toys they got into it. There are many, many mentions of oceans, lakes, water parks and so forth. I fear there will not be time for my own summer plan but will still enjoy the ride.

  4. sounds like a great list, and very pretty header!

    I made a yummy cherry/lime/mint non-alcoholic mojito the other day. Just make a sugar syrup infused with mint leaves. Then add in one lime squeezed and sliced cherries and chill. When chilled, add in a good amount of sparkling water and enjoy!

  5. Wonderful list, Julia.

    If you try any rhubarb beverages (I've been dying to but can't seem to find rhubarb or time), please post them here!

  6. Your list takes me back to my family's summer bike rides, way back when I was just a wee one. Our evening rides always included ice cream. I believe today will be the day we place a check before 'picnic' on our list. I'd also like to canoe. It's been too long. And continuing to experiment with my almond granita creations is on this so-called list too. I better write this stuff down.

    Congratulations to your new fiance. I like the photograph of the two of you, the filtered light and your facial expressions. You look happy.