30 August 2010

a summer trip: part one

the first day of our trip took us across wisconsin, through the upper peninsula of michigan, into canada and across quite a ways.  it was definitely the longest driving day of the whole trip- starting at 6:30am and ending around 11:00pm or so.  we didn't mean to drive that far, it just kind of happened. 

we had gotten a head start of a few hours on sunday night, so monday morning we got moving early.  we stopped at a gas station in wisconsin that doubled as a restaurant and had a row of gambling machines complete with an ancient gentleman who was already parked at one of them with a stack of dollar bills at 8:00am.  

we made another stop at a rest area on lake michigan so i could dip my toes in a new great lake (i had a big goal of touching four on this trip, but only managed to get my feet into two of them).  i was really excited about trying a "pastie" while we were in the UP (after i figured out that it was not, in fact, "pastry" misspelled), until i got inside and realized what they were.  i came out with a bag of local cheese curds instead.  

driving through the UP was beautiful, i don't know if it was all in my head, but i really felt like we were way up there.  that feeling of being so very far north on the globe.  vast. open. desolate.  farmland.  (i was driving that afternoon, so no photos!)  

moving across canada was quite similar, with the lovely addition of driving alongside the train tracks.  loads of train cars and semis filled with logs.  field upon field of hay bales and cows and horses.  and the trees were oh so tall.  

i already want to go back and take it even slower.

{more photos in my summer roadtrip flickrset}


  1. Yes I was wondering about the pasties. :) That countryside looks beautiful; someday I'd like to see the great lakes. The light in the bottom photo, the way it's hitting the trees, makes it look almost like fall.

  2. This sounds so wonderful. Road trips are the best. And of course freddie is the coolest dog ever.