01 September 2010

a summer trip: part two

 on the second full day of our trip, we awoke to realize that we had just slept in a very unusual (to us, at least) campground.  you see, we had arrived quite late the previous night and had actually slept in the car, so we hadn't had a chance to see all the "cabins" that were our neighbors.  i awoke early in the morning and tiptoed around the campground with freddie, before anyone else was stirring.  it was incredibly peaceful and beautiful, and frankly i wish we could have spent another day there. 

driving across canada was, well, driving across canada.  it was big.  and vast.  and filled with blue skies. and dreamy clouds.  and little rockpiles left by passersby.  and wildflowers.  and old farmhouses.  even after just a few days outside of the city, it felt almost shocking to pull into toronto.  once we made it into the suburbs, with the big box stores and traffic, i was worried that the magic was coming to a close.  but it wasn't.  we were just entering a whole new city...

{more photos in the flickrset}


  1. what a great trip! i'm a little envious, julia :)

  2. Was the campground in the UP? We are going up to the UP at the end of this month and would stay there if possible.

  3. lynn- no, this campground was actually in canada, somewhere between sudbury and toronto. i've never camped in the UP, so i have no recommendations, but if you're ever up in ontario, i'd totally recommend this spot...except for the fact that i don't know what it was called or exactly where it was! (we just found it by chance late at night when we were ready to sleep!). enjoy your trip, i'm sure it'll be lovely!

  4. Oh, that first shot is just beautiful. There is nothing the beats the peace and stillness of being in a canoe in the early morning, mist rising off the water.