21 September 2010

a manifesto for fall

It's time again for my fall manifesto.  Since I started writing seasonal manifestos a couple of years ago, I've had a tendency, one that I've pretty much sustained for my whole life, to be a bit too ambitious in what I think I can do in a season.  And I find it quite ironic to be over ambitious, especially given the things I always hope to do.  The things I always hope to do involve appreciating the small things in life, enjoying quiet moments and time with friends and family, slow projects.  

So this fall, which as you might know is my all time favorite season, I plan to just enjoy the small moments.  

I will cherish the crunching of leaves underfoot.  Cooking soups over a warm stove.  Get back to baking bread weekly.  Make at least one garment out of corduroy.  Let the autumn sun warm my face.  Enjoy pulling sweaters, tights, hats, and scarves out of the basement.  Feel invigorated by crisp morning walks with the pup.  Write letters to friends, new and old.  Continue to slowly put my house together, as we approach our one year anniversary of living in this home.  

This fall.  I will simply live.  And be ever so grateful for all that life brings me. 


  1. I'm feeling quite melancholy too lately, but that's a good list, Julia.You just gave me a little jolt out of the mehhh's.

  2. i think we've established that i'm a mess this week, but.
    this made me cry. it's just right.

    oh, and it's thursday after five, and julia? i wish i could share that drink with you.

  3. oh hello
    I am here via Tara Thayer's blog. I am going to stay and look around.

  4. oh, julia. you have said it so well. i need to simply live, too. thanks for saying that.