07 September 2010

a summer trip: part four

 The final leg of our trip saw us heading into the Adirondacks to spend the weekend with good good friends for a summer camp wedding.  This weekend held special significance to me, since the location of the wedding was just twenty minutes from the summer camp where I spent eight summers of my youth (an odd coincidence since I didn't even meet the bride until college- years after my summer camp days had ended).  I wasn't sure if I wanted to visit my old camp, since I knew it could never live up to my magical memories of all those summers.  But once I got there, I knew I needed to take Jared there and walk around.  I was right.  It didn't live up to my memories.  But I'm still glad I went.  And showed Jared that place that holds such an important, deep space in my heart.  

But back to the wedding weekend!  It was perfect.  I had a blast seeing some wonderful friends and having plenty of time to hang out.  And in the most beautiful, peaceful setting.  Freddie learned to jump off a dock, Jared got manly and shot some archery with the boys, and I had a good fill of time with my ladies.  And of course, Berkley and Matt got married.  And it was beautiful.   

Early the next morning, we hit the road and took the short way home.  The trip was wonderful, but I was so glad to be home.  And I can't wait to hit the road again.  Soon.  Soon. 

{find all my road trip photos in the flickrset}


  1. sounds like a great trip. lovely photos too!

  2. What a fun trip - I love the picture of the dog jumping into the water!