06 September 2010

a summer trip: part three

Hello Toronto!  We arrived in Toronto Tuesday afternoon and had a little bit of time to kill on the beach before we could get into the apartment we were staying in for two nights (where I took the opportunity to dip my toes in great lake #2 of the trip).  Later that night we headed out to find some eats and explore the city.  It was at about this time that we realized that we were staying on the complete opposite end of the city from where most of the interesting things were going on.  

Luckily there was a pretty sweet streetcar that shot us over to the other side of town, which we hopped on Wednesday morning.  We spent the day wandering around, drinking some pretty incredible coffee, and just generally enjoying exploring a big city.  We even discovered a spot called "The Grilled Cheese" on a side street, which I of course had to try (being that the entire restaurant was made up of my all-time favorite food).  It was pretty darned good, though I did take a few points off for the lack of mustard.  The wall of pickles might have made up for it, though...

Walking around Toronto made me want to explore my city some more, which I think is maybe my favorite part of traveling...coming home and seeing your own place through brand new eyes.

Thursday morning, we hit the road early to stop through Niagara falls, then pick up our friends in Rochester and move on to the last leg of our trip...

{more photos in the flickrset}


  1. no mustard!? crazy talk.

    love these, julia. look how cute you two are!

  2. Mmmmmm, grilled cheese with mustard! I am with you there. And a whole restaurant devoted to grilled cheese?! I knew I loved Canada.

  3. What an amazing wall of canned goodness!