16 September 2010

wardrobe challenge #3

Ladies and gentlemen, I have not have forgotten about my little wardrobe challenge.  I know summer is almost (officially) over, and that there's no way I will complete my goal of five new garments in that time (and I thought I was going easy on myself with that goal, ha!).  But you know what, life happens and I'm pretty happy with what I have so far.  Most of all, I'm glad that this little challenge has gotten me back into the groove of sewing clothes for myself and I'm hoping to keep chugging along with it and adding more pieces to my wardrobe one by one.  

So, without further ado, here is my entry #3.  This one fulfills my rule of making something from the Alabama Stitch Book, although technically this project isn't exactly in the book.  By the time I completed the rose shawl for my mom back in the spring, I was completely smitten with that stencil pattern and I knew I needed to make myself something with it.  

I picked up this striped jersey fabric at the annual Textile Center garage sale back in the spring, and I knew right away that it would turn into a tank top for me (mostly because that's pretty all there was enough for).  Initially, I traced a tank top that I have and that fits me perfectly and sewed up the tank top (not by hand, thus making this not a true Alabama Stitch project).  It came together super fast- just two pieces and I didn't even finish the raw edges at all.

Once I had done that, I knew it needed something more...which is when it occurred to me to add the rose stencil and applique.  It worked perfectly and I even got to use the same Alabama Chanin fabric for the applique here that I used for the shawl.  I think the colors work perfectly, and even though I was initially frustrated that the paint bled through the fabric (the same problem I had last time), I now kind of like that look.  

Even though it's not exactly tank top season anymore, this top goes so perfectly over basic long-sleeved shirts and I can't wait to wear it over the winter.  


  1. way to go you! i swear i'm all over making clothes this fall. it's my machine that i don't trust - it can't sew a straight stitch to save its life.