27 October 2010

california travels

hi friends.  well, it's nice to know that so many of you have been feeling overwhelmed too.  i mean, not that it's a good  thing, but it's always nice to know you're not alone, right?  i think this must happen at every change in season...settling into a new routine, busying ourselves with the work of preparing for the new seasons (in this case i'm finding myself busy with things like: finding that other mitten, closing up the garden and planting some garlic for the spring, cleaning up the yard, putting away all those sundresses and reassessing my wardrobe for fall and winter).  in any case, thanks for all the sweet comments.

i just wanted to share with you all some photos from our latest travels (i'll be posting the rest on flickr, as usual).  a couple of weeks ago we headed out to the bay area for my cousin's wedding.  it was a really really lovely weekend with family, and then i was lucky enough to be able to stick around for a few extra days and see some of my oldest (and newest!) and closest friends.  i won't go on and on about the trip, but i will just say that it was full.  full of love, family, friends, catching up, growing closer, and just being together.  it was great. 

ps: you can get a little sneak peek of the dress i made for my cousin's wedding (and jared's matching tie!).  i'll be sure to  give you all the deets once i can get some more photos.  


  1. lovely pictures! you're making me feel so nostalgic. as much as i love living here in europe - i miss the bay area. it has been 20 years (or so) when i left the city to move to DC - then, europe. one day, i'll make my way to visit SF, again.

    looking forward to seeing the pics from flickr.

  2. You know which photo is my favorite.

    The one with the super fat squirrel. Obv.


  3. Lovely California scenes.
    That dress is fabulous, you are so full of talent, Julia.
    xo, abby