22 October 2010

friday happymaking

hello friends.  i have to be honest with you all.  i think my day job is getting the best of me.  it's hard these days.  it's exhausting.  it's emotionally draining.  it's stressful and nonstop and it's time consuming.

despite all this, i've found myself feeling a new kind of lightness these past few days (that is, when i'm not at work).  i think after almost two whole months of nonstop go-go-going outside of work, i'm finally feeling the joy of life slowing down.  last weekend, we had absolutely no plans outside of a leisurely dinner out on friday, and a delicious dinner with  good friends on saturday.  sunday, we didn't even leave the house until after 5pm.  it was pure heaven.  i know as the holidays (gasp!) start approaching things will start to get crazy soon (especially given my usual pie in the sky plan to knit three kids' sweaters for christmas- which i haven't even started yet!).  but for now, life outside of work is feeling light, sunny, refreshing, and slow.  i've even had time to cook dinners and knit almost every evening this week!

here are a few more things that are making me happy these days:
:: hot baths in the evenings.
:: thinking of all the family and friend time i've had on our recent trips.
:: finally finding the everyday shoes i've been searching for (thrifting with friends is the best!)
:: my new watch--i forgot how much of a watch person i am (thanks mom and dad!)
:: celebrating our pre-anniversary!
:: thinking up a special meal for jared's birthday on monday (it's the big three-oh!)
:: quiet morning walks with the pup, when the air is crisp, but the sun is warm.
:: having the time to spend an entire day in the kitchen last weekend (there was bread, an attempt at scones, black beans, pumpkin saag with mango chutney and chapati).
:: enjoying my scone failure, which turned into a delicious cake like thing.
:: cup after cup of tea.  
:: friends who think alike {smile}. 

what's making you all happy this week, friends?  hope you all have a lovely weekend. xo

ps: this photo is the 42nd in my series of weekly self-portraits i've been taking this year.  can't believe i only have 10 left, i'm pretty proud of myself for keeping up with this project.  you can see the whole set so far here


  1. i want to take a walk with the pup, too!
    and best wishes for a really nice, slow, light weekend once again.

  2. I have that watch. Well, the black faced version that I actually borrowed from the husband and never gave back. I have been wanting the white one though.

    It really is the simple things, isn't it? We got back from vacation this week and I missed the ability to make myself hot tea and toast whenever I wanted, and my crisp and cool pillowcase, and the sound of my girlies laughing and having conversations.

  3. :) i think we might be in similar boats, friend. the whole never enough time & drowning in work thing. but luckily- we can get through it! woo hoo!
    & its the little things like relaxing weekends that help us along the way. thank you for the reminder :)

  4. oh hey.
    you made me remember I have an old swiss army watch - I used to wear all the time but for some reason I stopped. I am going to find it today.

    loved the self portraits. I found a poloroid spectra a couple of weeks ago and I am using some impossible project film and it is not going well.

    delighted to see this project.

  5. This was such a great post Julia. I need to have a lighter week myself. And I have been dying for that watch for a while now. awesome.

  6. I love your set of self-portraits! What a cool project. I also think it's awesome you've almost made it through the whole year!