18 October 2010

when life finally slows down...i nest

These are some shots from our one and only camping trip of the year.  We snuck out of town with some friends for a weekend about a month ago and even though it was a little stressful to take the whole weekend away from all the things we had on our to-do list (not to mention the  fact that a fedex truck backed into our car about an hour before we were supposed to leave), I'm so glad we did it.  It was a beautiful weekend with good friends and sweet dogs and it reminded me that the solution to stress is almost always getting away from all those things that are stressing you out.  Even if it's just for two days.  

We've been busy busy busy these past few months--with lots of travel, transitions back into school, work kicking into high gear for both of us, and (somewhere in there) trying to plan a wedding.  Now that things are finally calming down and the weather is cooling down, I'm finding myself getting into serious nesting mode.  I have all kinds of ideas about our home that I want to work on.  Hanging up art and photos, making some much needed little things (fabric buckets, oven mitts, more dishtowels, curtains), and continuing to find the right home within our home for all our stuff, and maybe clearing out that stuff that just doesn't have a home here anymore.  

I have a few more travel photos to share (I'm picking up two rolls tomorrow from my trip to California) and then I'll get back to some crafty posting.  I have actually been making things.  And I'm back to cooking too!  

PS: Check it out! I finally got a fall banner up here, woohoo!

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