24 November 2010

in thanksgiving

these days i am thankful for so many things.  i am thankful for my family and friends.  i am thankful for my job, and how hard everyone works to serve the children and families who walk through our doors.  i am thankful for the earth, and the farmers who bring food to our tables.  i am thankful for the opportunity to be creative every day.  i am thankful for the support of all of you out there, {especially with my shop opening on monday!}.  i am thankful for our home, our dog, and i am thankful that i get to share my days with the love of my life.  

{and i'm thankful for the 110 flower bulbs that my mom bought for me in the netherlands!}

wishing you and your families the happiest of thanksgivings.  much love.


  1. hi, you. i wish you so much love this holiday, and this whole next year which will wrap up with a wedding! xo.

  2. wishing you and yours all the very best! happy thanksgiving!!!

  3. 110 bulbs!? From far away too. Gosh, what a wonderful gift.

    Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving.