11 November 2010

Pillow Talk

Well, friends, I achieved my goal this week! Two pillows for our bed for Erin's Pillow Week Challenge.  These pillows each came together in about an hour- and I followed Erin's handy dandy put a zipper in your pillow tutorial.  (She also made a very detailed video tutorial for this too, but I just used her standard photo tutorial- it seriously is as easy as she claims, people).  I am also happy to report that the fabric and zippers for these pillows were from my stash and were thrifted too!  The plaid on the front is some kind of fuzzy wool blend and the backing is also wool, so these will be super cozy for this winter.  

I really wanted to make even more pillows after I finished these, but I didn't have any more pillow forms in the house.  I might have to remedy that soon, our couch could definitely use some embellishing!  

I'm taking tomorrow off of work just 'cause.  Things have been super duper busy at the office and I'm taking advantage of a slow week (and a ton of unused vacation days!) to take an extra day off.  And, if all goes as planned, I might just have an exciting announcement to share with you all next week.  

Happy early weekend, friends!

1 comment:

  1. isn't it funny how making one pillow leads to as many as you can get your hands on? i love the wool you used and am so happy you tried the zipper. super easy, right?