19 November 2010


Hi friends.  I'm really excited to share some news with you all today.  I'm reopening my shop!  

It's been essentially closed for over a year now and I'm finally ready to re-stock it with just a few choice items for your holiday enjoyment this season.  I had closed it down last year because I was just feeling too overwhelmed by it and uninspired to make new products that I was excited to share with the world.  Lately, though, I've started to catch the creative bug again and have been working on some small, simple designs that I'm excited to share with you all.  Maybe it's the holidays and all the insanely good handmade goodness out there, maybe it's the fact that I've finally moved past feeling too burnt out from work and am seeking a creative outlet in my time at home, or maybe it's just that time for me again.  I know I have a ton going on in my life these days and can barely keep up with it, but I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason and maybe now is the right time for me to be getting back to crafting in that way.  Maybe I just needed this past year and a half to learn some new skills, get some new ideas, establish my style a little more.  

All I know is that the wheels have been turning and there will be a small update in the shop next Monday around 6pm (central time).  Like I said, there are just a few items:: small zipper bags, cards in reusable fabric pouches, and at least one set of oven mitts.  If all goes well, I might have another update before we get too close to the holidays, but I'm not making any promises.  Also, as a little gift to my shoppers, I will be offering free shipping (within the US and Canada) until Monday November 29.  

After a year that's been filled with loads of making other folks' designs, I'm really excited to be creating my own work again.  I have a lot of ideas and designs and plans for where the shop is going in the new year (including some exciting conversations with other talented ladies!), but I'll keep quiet about that for now.  

In the meantime, the shop will be stocked on Monday evening.  Thanks friends!


  1. Yay, Julia!
    I've been pondering the same thing.

  2. yay for finding creative mo-jo! your work looks fabulous.

  3. i love these cards! & the sweet little pouch with the ribbon trip is adorable. love it all!

  4. These are great, I especially love the pouch with the ribbon on it.

  5. It's so exciting to see your creative "bug" Julia! :)