18 November 2010

early morning scenes

 Just a few scenes from the early morning hours here.  Across the street from our house is a park, so there's nothing to block the morning sunshine that streams through our east-facing windows.  I love the shadows we get during those hours. 

I think I inherited a desire for slow mornings from my dad.  He wakes up super early and always has time to go to the gym, get ready for work, sit around and eat breakfast while he reads the paper, and doesn't have to race out the door to get to work (or at least, that's how it always appeared to me).  I love having time in the mornings too...I like to make breakfast, listen to the radio, drink my coffee, catch up with my friends online, take the pup for a walk (about half of the time, at least) and hop on the bike to work.  Lately, Jared's work schedule has changed so he's home in the mornings as well, which has been really nice. 

What's are you enjoying these days?


  1. it hadn't really occurred to me before, but yes: one of the biggest luxuries we have is that we don't have to rush out in the mornings. tim eats his granola, and draws with anna, and listens to npr...it's a really calming start.

    love your shadows, julia.

  2. that is exactly why I get up early.
    so nice to be alone for awhile too, before the boys get up and it's chaos around here:)

  3. yes. I get up early too. I need that time in the am to ground myself before the day begins.