24 January 2011

oh hello there

 Hi friends,
 I didn't realize that I'd been gone from here for a whole week.  Sometimes when I'm constantly checking in with all of you, I forget that I've not posted anything myself.  My days have been pretty full over here...between work, getting a new bathroom, stealing away moments to work on my socks, prepping a quilt, moving along nicely on wedding planning, and just trying to stay on top of life on a daily basis I realized that I've only shot one roll of film in the past few weeks.  Crazy.  {I'm hoping to pick that up tomorrow, so I'll have something new to share with you all}

In the meantime, these are some shots from back in November of a very delicious meal I made for Jared and myself.  It consisted of the no-knead bread from the NY Times, pumpkin soup, and an apple galette.  I made a loaf of this bread yesterday along with Molly's Ed Fretwell Soup from A Homemade Life.  Sadly, there was no apple galette to finish that meal off.  

A few inspirations that I've come across recently:
:: I love the styling (and the offerings) in the trampoline etsy shop 
:: these pancakes look delicious, maybe I'll try them this weekend... 
:: this blog makes me want to fill my house with even more plants
:: the seed savers exchange catalog arrive recently, i'm dreaming of gardening already.
:: hello handmade valentines are here!
:: winterness.  enough said
:: erin's liberty quilt
:: jen's uv+ impossible project polaroids

what have you all been up to lately?


  1. i love the trampoline etsy shop... she has such an eye for beauty.
    i am also really impressed by your bread. go girl go!
    also, it is so sweet that you sit beside jared at the dinner table instead of across from him. i might surprise luke by doing the same :)

  2. the photos in this post are absolutely beautiful!

    (i haven't been doing anything exciting lately...)

  3. I make that bread all the time! love it. Quick tip: I add a handful of fresh chopped rosemary and it kicks it into another galaxy. I also eliminated the whole towel thing, to messy with the clean-up.

  4. yum, the bread looks good! I have been scouring the thrift shots for a pot just like that, scouring, but i imagine once someone has a pot like that they are not going to just give it up!

  5. I have the same exact cast iron pot to make no-knead in. I keep forgetting to start it though. Must remedy that today!

  6. thanks everyone!

    natalie- we always sit next to each other! it never occurred to me to sit across :) (probably because there's always so much crap on the table- that's less romantic, huh?)!

    jen- thank you!

    shona- what do you do instead of the towel? and rosemary sounds amazing!

    stacy- i never see them at the thrift, but they're really not too expensive, like $30 or so for this kind (the fancy enameled kind are crazy more). i'll keep my eye out for you though...

    lee- i know, i kept forgetting to do it again and finally did this past weekend- SO worth it!

  7. Julia - question (while I am thinking of it). I went back here to get the link for the no-knead bread. Read the instructions and am wondering, did you let yours rise in room temp, and did you have your room temp at at least 70? Wondering if that would work in casa de no money, we keep our heat at 62 day 60 night. Thoughts?

  8. Everything looks so yummy!!!
    I am working like crazy here. Opening the shop at my place in the evenings to sell my stuff, sewing and knitting in the mornings to re-fill it, tending to the garden, cooking, cleaning and such, receiving friends and family all the time (I live in this beautiful small coastal town where everyone wants to be in the summer... sigh. I like it but it makes me tired).
    Things like that!
    And planning on starting my kiln (pottery oven) next week, yay!

  9. These photos are gorgeous. The tones and food are perfect. Lately, I've been catching up on reading.

  10. i made the no knead bread on the weekend, but something must have been up with my yeast, because we got an awesome smelling, ok tasting, completely flat loaf : )