31 January 2011

a few bits

Hello friends! We're getting a nice new blanket of snow here today and even though Jared keeps saying that he thought winter was over and wondering why winter isn't over yet, I'm secretly loving this.  Sure the shoveling is getting old and I'm a bit exhausted after my 30 minute trudge home from work each day, but something inside me is comforted by the cold and the snow.  Maybe it just fuels my desire to cozy up indoors?  I've started sewing my quilt top and have finished the first of my socks.  I'm taking a quick break before starting the second one (my hands need a rest from the size zero needles!) to work on some cotton dishcloths, which should provide some instant gratification before starting in on the next sock.  

I also wanted to share a couple of pieces of fun news with you today.  
:: Meg is spending some time in Hawai'i and has asked some of us midwestern ladies to share some of our favorite things about winter.  You can find my guest post from the northcountry here. (and I share my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe...the perfect remedy for those winter blues!)

:: I am beyond thrilled to be joining the ladies over at habit during the month of February!  I'm sure you're all familiar with this lovely little spot by now (this is their third year already!) but it's definitely one that I've been admiring since the beginning.  I hope you'll pop in and check it out, I'm happy to be in the company of some wonderful friends (including mama-to-be abby!)

I hope you're all staying warm and cozy these days!