01 February 2011

hello february

Normally, February is not my favorite month.  Each year, I devise a strategy to get through the February funk.  But this year, I am all about February.  In fact, inspired by Shari, I'm making a little list for this second month of the year...

:: go ice skating (we tried and failed twice this past weekend and will succeed!) and maybe even snowboarding!
:: finish sewing a quilt top
:: start a book (i've already read one book this year!)
:: load my new yashica mat and take it out for a spin
:: spend some quality time with friends
:: cook from the pantry, inspired by molly. (i stole this one straight from shari) 

I think this is a pretty manageable list for a short month.  What's on your February list?

1 comment:

  1. i like this list. so many good things to beat the funk! a quilt top and a book is on my list too... and strawberry picking, and squash soup. i'm going to take a page from you & shari and write these things down. xo