21 February 2011

weekend happymaking

i meant to get over here on friday for some friday happymaking, but i worked late and the evening just got the better of me.  i had (am still having) an awesome weekend and hope you did too (and that you're enjoying your bonus day today if you've got one!).  here are a few things making me happy this weekend...

:: we hosted a live performance in our living room on saturday featuring our friends, The Blind Shake, and it was broadcast on our other friend's internet radio station, Misplaced Music.  jared recorded the performance and it should be archived on the website soon.  i love having talented friends!

:: speaking of saturday night, i made this skillet chocolate chip cookie and these vanilla bean cupcakes with chocolate ganache. so. good.

:: i also got finally got around to preserving some meyer lemons that my friend brought me straight from her mom's tree in california.  can't wait for some limoncello and morrocan preserved lemons. yum.

:: the new 3191Q arrived and i am in love.  i just used maria's recipe for a steep and took a luxurious afternoon bath.  i'm also planning to make stephanie's split pea soup with barley and lemon tonight. (and that soup goes toward my february goal of using what i've got, sweet!).  if you don't already subscribe to this lovely publication, i highly recommend it.

:: speaking of baths, our bathroom is done! well, about 90%.  i think jared and i are going to be the cleanest people around because we just want to keep taking showers.  i cannot tell you how wonderful it is to not have to go down to the freezing basement.  and i am so grateful to our friend who did such an awesome job on it.  (more talented friends!)

:: i finished my quilt top and back and cannot wait to show you later this week.  i'm really happy with how it's turned out so far, and am so grateful to a few flickr friends for kicking my butt into gear so i'd actually get it done!  now onto the quilting, which (as i know from experience) will take quite a while.  

:: snow! i know, i know, you think i'm crazy.  we got about a foot of snow yesterday and it's still coming down.  even though i was grateful for the warm weather last week, i'm glad winter's not quite over yet.  

so, friends, what's making you happy this week{end}?


  1. oh, now you have me thinking of making preserved lemons. What a wonderful weekend you had!

  2. i'm with you about winter not being over, yet. we just had some snow yesterday here in germany and i was loving it!!

    i might just have to make the cookie and the cupcake. it looks so goood!