16 February 2011

a winter walk

even though it's absolutely balmy outside today (51 degrees, people!), i'm under no illusions that winter is over yet.  in fact, given how deeply in love i've fallen with winter this year, i've even been feeling guilty for so enjoying this little break in the cold.  how nice it's been to wear just a few less layers.  to have some of the ice on the roads melt, allowing me to get back on my bike, to test out my new spring coat, and to not just completely freeze every time i go outside.  it has been nice.  and even though i'm excited for spring (must get on that seed order!), i'm still not quite ready yet.  maybe i'm just ready for late winter.  

but before we get to ahead of ourselves, i just wanted to share with you this winter walk.  despite my brave attempts at winter biking, after taking a few tumbles on the ice last month i decided to pack it in until the roads were safer.  being the one car family that we are, i've been mostly walking to and from work since then.  

it's about a  thirty minute walk, and i'm lucky to get to spend about half of it on an off-street path (the same path that i bike on).  i like to pass the walking time by listening to some of my favorite podcasts: the moth, radiolab, and spilled milk.  i highly recommend all of them and i often find myself laughing hysterically while passersby must think i'm insane.  i've really enjoyed this quiet time each day- in the mornings it's so nice to have a bit of time to myself and get some fresh air and exercise before i enter the office for eight hours, and in the afternoons it's a nice release after what has been a few months of stressful, busy workdays.  

in the winter when it's so darn cold, it's easy to just hibernate and not get outside.  i'll admit that i've often wished that i didn't have to go to work, just because i didn't want to walk there.  but in the end, i'm so glad i have this excuse to breathe that invigorating cold air, move my body, and appreciate the beauty of winter.

two inspiring winter walks: martha & shari

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  1. We have had temps in the 50s too, and I need the reminder that this is probably just a phase- and that I should continue to find the beauty in winter. thanks for that juliia. xo, rach