14 February 2011


good morning friends! so it seems that i've fallen into a once a week/monday posting schedule.  i keep trying to make it back here before the weeks end, but somehow it just doesn't happen.  i guess my days are just packed now.  anyways, i'm trying to carve out some time to be here more regularly, because i do actually have things to share.  

this weekend was definitely packed.  jared and i each made lists and i'm happy to report that i crossed off almost everything on mine (his was a different story, but that's okay).  and there's nothing more satisfying than Getting Stuff Done, right?  (and crossing things off lists is pretty nice too, yeah?).  

Here's what I got done:
:: 5 loads of laundry
:: a little closet clean out (complete with new wood hangers from a nice friend!)
:: repotted a whole slew of plants (boy did that make me excited for gardening!)
:: a whole bunch of handwashing of tights and woolens
:: stole away a few moments to work on my second sock
:: fixed a few pairs of jared's pants, a shirt and two sweaters
:: spent some time in the kitchen (tried a new bread recipe, pancakes, apple muffins, and made veggie burgers for the first time)
:: went to ikea for some much needed basics (dishtowels! shower curtain for our almost-finished bathroom--check out that sink! and tile!)
:: took advantage of the crazy warm weather and went for a beautiful sunday afternoon walk with jared and freddie
:: helped jared rearrange our living room for a little performance we're hosting this weekend.
:: and a little bit of wedding stuff, checked of the list!

phew. needless to say, i'm not really ready to go back to work this morning.  i might need some more coffee.  

{ps: this photo was my habit entry for yesterday, don't forget to check me, along with some other wonderful guests, out there this month. it's been a joy to participate!}

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